SharePoint Saturday the Conference

This post is a little late in coming so I’m sure at this point most people in the SharePoint world know about SharePoint Saturday the Conference coming up August 11th through 13th here in Washington DC. It looks like this is really shaping up to be an awesome event with some great speakers and a lot of opportunity for learning about SharePoint. I know I am looking forward to attending a number of sessions in the IT Pro/Admin track.

I am also really excited to be presenting at this event a session titled “Zen and the Art of SharePoint Troubleshooting”. As Robert Pirsig said in his famous book that is titled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” this session should in no way be associated with the orthodox Zen Buddhist practice, and it isn’t very factual on motorcycles either.

What I do hope to accomplish with the session is to introduce folks who are new to SharePoint and perhaps new to the IT field in general with some of the concepts and methods of troubleshooting. Many of us have heard it said that troubleshooting is an art that you are just “born with” and while some may have a knack for it I would argue that it is in many ways a science. I say this because many times troubleshooting involves asking the right questions, analyzing the information available to you and methodically testing and verifying your work.

What I hope attendees will walk away with is both some good tips for troubleshooting SharePoint specifically, but also a good methodolgy and framework for troubleshooting any problem that they encounter.

I will update this post when I learn the time and date of my session. I hope to see you there.


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