Finally got around to moving my HTPC to Boxee this weekend.

I finally decided to rebuild my media center this weekend. Since XBMC decided to cut support for the original platform I have been toying with the idea of building a HTPC (home theater PC) for a little while now. I had an older Acer sitting around with optical audio and HDMI that I had bought off a sale a year or so ago for the purpose but I hadn’t gotten around to actually doing anything with it.

Instead of going with XBMC again I decided after some research to try Boxee and so far I’ve been pretty pleased. Of course the week I move to Boxee is the week Boxee and Hulu decide to block ad supported content without a Hulu Plus account. But I’m not that worried. I can always launch the browser on the HTPC and watch Hulu from there. In fact I’m pretty sure I can modify my windows media player remote to open the browser and hit predetermined favorites.

The web server remote on Boxee leaves a little to be desired. I was playing with that a bit before I bought an IR USB remote and started using that. Overall though I’m pretty happy with it.


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